Agnes Heller, Philosopher: Scapegoat or Footnote?

13 March 2011

Agnes Heller is a lesser known modern philosopher.  She has often been described as a member of the Budapest school of philosophy, an acolyte of Lukacs and harbouring a distinctive left-wing perspective. In more recent times, Heller would probably describe herself as a ‘Liberal’, although her liberal credentials are not as deep perhaps as other modern philosophers, such as the late Sir Isaiah Berlin.

Few people outside Hungary would probably have heard of Heller had it not been for the fact that she and four other Hungarian academics stand accused of misusing research grants and are currently under Police investigation in Budapest.

Until the investigation has run its course, it is not possible to say if Heller and the others are innocent or guilty.  Heller herself denies all and every charge against her.  Indeed, it would be a sad end to her career if the allegations were to be true.